Monday, 11 July 2011

Sealed with a..

I'm sure you are all wondering "Where's the embedded music thingy?" .. to which I can answer that no.. the evil media corporations have not convinced me to stop playing piano.. and no.. I'm not stuck & out of ideas.. busy busy busy mebbe, but not idealess.

I've been hacking around with that classic song "Sealed with a kiss" (yes, Jason Donovan.. or at least 4 other versions according to youtube) .. I don't think my version sounds much like any of the others.. although The Lettermans version did raise a few chuckles. Now it may be fair game to snigger at the song by Scott from Neighbours, but don't tempt me ;-) I'm sure Rick Astley has at least one song that needs revisiting, or failing that, wouldn't you just love to hear a swing version of Aga-Doo ?

So.. how's it all going?

I've played through a whole bunch of versions.. the bluesy jazz version, the upbeat slightly happy version, the russian vodka polka version, and the heartfelt slow version.. (not to mention the chas&dave inspired version, or the boogie woogie jive bunny sing-a-long version).

And I'm feeling a little like a 'responsible child in a sweet shop' .. so much choice, but only so many pennies, and enough sense to know that the chosen one needs to somehow be a chocolate, a mint, a chewy toffee, a crispy crunchy thing, and a generic-lolipop-in-sherbert thing all at the same time... yet without making you want to vomit.

At some point I'll snap.. and just record the lot.. although I'm sure there's still a version out there that I like.. (although maybe I need to avoid the "sealed with a st trinians kiss" version that fell out of my fingers last night).

If you have suggestions for 'sealed with a kiss in the style of' .. feel free to comment with them =) Just bear in mind that I'll probably play it in Cm blues regardless ;p

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