Monday, 20 June 2011

Nights in White Satin...

Ok.. not the most obvious choice for a Noodle.. but I do kinda like this old song.. It has some nice transitions in it, and a fairly catchy main theme, what it doesn't have, is a 4/4 Swing beat, double bass, and a brass section..

Thankfully.. that's where I come in ;-)

Monday, 6 June 2011

St Trinians

Here's a song I got stuck in my head, unintentionally, though I suspect that's how all songs get stuck.

This one began when I was happily noodling around on Cm, the usual sort of pattern, Cm, Ab, Bb, or Cm, Eb, Bb etc.. except one time round the loop, I went Cm, Ab, 'G' .. now, I like finding places where I can get away with a single semitone chord transition, and Ab->G is one I've met before, so I should have been fairly immune to it.. until my RH ran down from Eb through a few notes, and a little voice at the back of my head sang 'def-end-ers of an-archy'..

That's when I knew I was doomed.

After spinning it round on the piano a few times, I ended up with this version.. which is quite removed from the screaming hockey stick waving high school terrors in the original =) Although if they want to come sing over this version, that's fine with me, provided they bring the uniforms!

St Trinians by DwellerTunes

I don't think I'm done with this one yet, I've found some nice chords for one part that don't really make much of an appearance in this version, a shame as they are quite nice & rich, but I'm suspecting the newer chords may call for a latin style rhythm.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

What if a Piano behaved like a Computer?

"What would a Piano have to do, to be as frustrating to work with, as a Computer?"

A simple question, not even my own, but a fun one to think through =)

First, you approach the piano in the morning, and you open the key cover.. then you go get some coffee while the keys slowly appear from inside the piano, in clusters, but not organised in any musical fashion.

You come back with your coffee to find there's a few octaves there, the last octave hasn't appeared yet (again), and a few notes from the bottom one are in the wrong place.. but that's to be expected, it's been a while since you did any maintenance on the piano.