Monday, 20 June 2011

Nights in White Satin...

Ok.. not the most obvious choice for a Noodle.. but I do kinda like this old song.. It has some nice transitions in it, and a fairly catchy main theme, what it doesn't have, is a 4/4 Swing beat, double bass, and a brass section..

Thankfully.. that's where I come in ;-)

The song kinda found me after I transposed it off it's normal Em, up to Cm.. before that, it was a collection of Em,D,F,A and stuff.. which didn't exactly jump off the page. Afterwards, it was all Cm, Bb, Ab, Eb, F.. and umm.. Db.. which is really the odd cousin here, since the rest are essentially Cm blues compatible. Still, it can't hurt to throw in another flat for colour.. can it?

Next up the original beat, a relaxed 3/4 waltzy thing.. I was after more of a large stage, live band, feel, with some decent off beat stuff to play along to.. so ditched the 3/4, laid down a 4/4 swing-like ride cymbal track, a fairly straight walking bass (until the end, where it has some fun), then some rhythmic piano for the accompaniment. Lastly, the main melody, solo's, noodles & brass section added, and a few kick/snares for a bit of colour.

Net result isn't too bad.. certainly puts a big smile on my face! Hopefully there's something in there you'll enjoy too =)

Nights by DwellerTunes

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