Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Spotify Buffet Picks of the Day.

I was thinking of a Smashie & Nicey themed post given the title.. but I was convinced by Jim the Jedi to avoid that for the sake of the sanity of the blog readers.

I've been listening to Spotify a bit recently, although some of the discussion over their recent (free) usage limit changes is a little offputting, that doesnt change that it does have a huge pile of  music on there. Every now & then, you come across one or two that make you smile...

So, piano first, always nice to find a pile of songs you recognise translated across onto piano, without the vocals on top. This one is ideal for spending a happy hour or two listening to the piano, whilst actually trying not to sing along (loudly) with the lyrics you barely know. It's not just piano, the other instruments get an airing in a support role, but the piano gets to sit right out there center stage acting as the thread to tie it all back together. Ok, the piano doesn't do the guitar solo's, but this isn't an acoustic album, this is just pure fun in a jar =) Get out that air piano/guitar/mic, and have a google search handy for the lyrics.
Piano Classic Players – Soft Rock Piano Instrumental Hits

So for raspy synthy stuff.. if you like this kind of stuff, you'll know the Tron Soundtrack from Daft Punk was very well received late last year, so probably by now it's lost a little of it's fresh edge, and while some of the tracks can be very difficult to get out of your head, I felt just a few of them were lacking a bit around the edges. Very nice sweepy synths, but not enough of the tracks had that electronica feel. So here's an entire album made with remixed versions of the original tracks. Definitely worth a listen, although there are a few weak mixes there, in general the collection does a great job of keeping the feel, but adding something new to find in the themes.
Daft Punk – TRON Legacy: Reconfigured

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